About Us

Constructora Grupo Mega

GRUPO MEGA is a business group located in Saltillo, Coahuila dedicated to the construction industry since 1992, supplying regional needs. It is formed by the next companies:

Corporativo de Desarrollo y Construcción

Electrical works, Civil works, finishes works and metal structure

Maquinaria y Desarrollos Urbanos

Earthwork, urbanization and asphalt

Security, Health and Environment

In our company we have a strong commitment to safety, we have DC3 and DC5 certified personnel by STPS.

We encourage measures to ensure health and welfare of our human resources, maintaining appropriate work environments and committing ourselves to have all our staff in the IMSS.

Protecting the environment is very important to us, so all residue from our operations are confined by authorized Semarnat intermediaries.

Mission, Vision

Our Mission is to be leaders in the construction division, by solving market needs of our country offering a quality service to our clients, with a high level of competitiveness to fulfill the social purpose for which we were created.

Vision: To be recognized as one of the leading construction groups in our community; through project, business and solution generation for our customers.